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    Remodel Your Life

    Oxford Restoration & Construction Development a one stop home design, remodel and improvements group. We are experts with over 35 years experience in the industry and provide modern design upgrades to provide a solid return on investment for our clients.

  • About Oxford

    We Build Experiences

    At Oxford Restoration & Construction Development, we work as a team with one mantra in mind: "We only succeed when you do". It's quite simple at our company, we help you restore your property and life back, by keeping your sense of happiness and success on top of our minds and as our top priority, we are able to strive for excellence and make our company better everyday.


    Oxford is an experienced firm located in Macon, Georgia that caters to Metropolitan Atlanta and Middle Georgia areas (Macon/Warner Robbins Area) and we not only provide emergency restoration services, we also approach design, construction, and development with a keen critical eye that provides clarity and vision to the environment we are about to embark on.


    We have built our business & reputation on consistent performance & ensuring that we exceed our client expectations at every step. We strive for simplicity and excellence and would love to partner with you to create the experiences you envision and utilize our experience to help you succeed. We truly believe that all our clients deserve the very best at all times & that's all we strive to offer.

  • Restoration Services

    Helping You Restore Your Property and Life Back

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    Water Damage

    When it comes to water damage, a fast response is imperative to prevent further damage. Oxford responds immediately and is on-site promptly.


    The water restoration process includes:

    • Water damage assessment
    • Water extraction
    • Cleaning and restoration of possessions 
    • Drying of affected areas such as furniture, walls, carpet etc
    • Storm damage repair and reconstruction services
    • Remediating mold and mildew damage
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    Storm Damage

    Natural disasters can strike unexpectedly and they destroy anything in their path. We are always ready to help with your roof repair & replacement, siding damage, window board-up & replacement, interior cleanup and restoration, tree removal, and a whole lot more.


    Whatever damage you experience, we are fully equipped to help.

    • 24/7 emergency services
    • Emergency board up
    • Reconstruction services
    • Storm damage assessment
    • Structural stabilization
    • Tree Removal
    • Wind damage repair
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    Fire Damage

    Fire incidents can become very emotional and traumatic. Whether it is a small fire in the kitchen or garage or anywhere in house, our caring team will be there to mitigate the damage and assist you in clean up and restoration after the fire.


    When we are on-site we’ll board up the windows, doors, walls in order to prevent the house or commercial building from getting ruined completely. We provide restoration services including:

    • Securing Your Property
    • Smoke and Soot Removal
    • Odor Removal and Cleanup
    • Full Construction & Restoration
  • Emergency Services

    Please Fill Out For Immediate Service Call or Call 470.799.0670 ASAP

  • The Oxford Construction Process

    We research, design, construct, develop and executive everything ourselves.

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    Remodel Brainstorming & Designing

    The design inspiration comes from constant research on industry standards, new ideas, future tech and a constant observation and inspiration from our surroundings. We measure our experience with what's missing from client's current situation and design simple and modern experiences to enhance their homes and life.

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    Research & Prototyping

    We work with all of the vendors, sub-contractors & suppliers to negotiate the very best pricing for you & offer highest quality. We'll make small scale models to test out an idea and then rehash latest new & existing concepts through development in order to make construction, development and implementation smoother and easier for all.

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    Building & Finishing

    This stage involves field surveys, space planning, design development & finish selections to construction documents, permitting & code review. We ensure that all of your building systems (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) function flawlessly with our concepts. We manage the daily activities on the project site to make sure you get what you pay for and can be proud of your final design and product.

  • Experience

    Ideas at Work

    How would you describe your design aesthetic?

    We believe in collaboration with our clients and tend to build experiences that define a purpose or passion, but since you've asked, we tend to lean towards a modern aesthetic with a spirit of ingenuity and a tint of crazy.

    Why should one choose Oxford?

    We've been around for a while and have a team of experienced professionals who have seen a thing or two in their lifetimes in this business of over 35 years. Our key focus is more than design, development and construction, we believe in having a meeting of the minds with our clients first. Our team focuses on five key factors with every project we undertake:
    1.) We collaborate on ideas that help you build inspiring spaces to allow you to pursue your passions or find your better self.
    2.) We ensure that each and every dollar of your hard earned money stretches further and there is no waste.
    3.) We provide simple, modern, practical designs and build targeted solutions that hit the mark on a quality implementation.
    4.) We treat every client with full respect and do our best to treat them like the royalty they deserve to be.
    5.) We strive for excellence everyday so our clients don't have to stress, simply put, we take your pains and worries away.

    What have you learnt from your work?

    As a group, we have learnt a few truths along the way:

    1.) We have learnt that trust is earned, over time by doing what we say we will and treating each client with honesty & integrity. You cannot ask for respect and trust, it truly has to be earned by being honest and keeping your promises.

    2.) We have learnt that value is created by not just looking at cost, but long term impact that provides a measurable monetary return on every investment you make. Value is something that always impacts your bottom line so we make sure that anything that impacts your bottom line becomes our business and we partner with you to care deeply about the success as our own. .

    3.) We have learnt that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going or anything good. In our work, it holds even greater importance as there are no shortcut to creating great projects overnight, it takes a lot of hard work, diligence, passion and perfection to make it all work and at Oxford we are not scared of hard work. . If it's cheaper, there's always a reason.​

    4.)We have learnt that you are only as good as your team is, if one fails we all fail. We know that it takes an army of do gooders at every stage to make magic happen in our business. From a good researcher, to analyst, to designer, to contractor, to administrator to project manager and to finisher. Therefore, we have hired the best & brightest in our industry to bring their talents, ideas and passion to work on your projects.

  • You're Awesome

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